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What would you like this blog to be?

I haven't blogged for ages, and the main reason I haven't blogged for ages is the main thing I should be blogging about. Namely, I'm now studying Information Technology at Otago Polytechnic.

I've started in Semester 2, studying for a Graduate Diploma, which involves a combination of Year 1 and Year 2 papers at this point. Three papers at the moment. I'm loving Hypermedia, finding Software Development easy, and... well, we won't talk about Software Engineering, because it so far rather breaks OP's promise of doing everything hands-on.

You'd think with all-day access to computers I'd have some time for LiveJournal, but the OP servers don't seem to like my Friends page for some reason.

Baxter doesn't think enough people come and look at the Gyro website. So come and look at the Gyro website, everybody. This month's theme is the Seven Deadly Sins.

Why IT? Well, two main reasons. One, although it does mean my student debt going up again, I may come out at the end in a position to start getting it down good and fast.

Two, I've become a Paul Graham fan. Go read his stuff too. Not to say I agree with everything, mind, I'd have some things to say about his views on unions or the income gap, but I like his systems approach to society and I'm inspired by his view of IT as a creative profession.

I want to resurrect this blog, but I need encouragement and inspiration. It can't go on just being random thoughts, because those don't last long enough to still be around when I get the chance to update. So — for purely inspiratory purposes — I'm asking you, my readers: what would you like to see? What would this blog need to have to make you go "Oo, goody, nakedcelt's updated again!"?
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