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Not much of an update

Not only does Firefox crash on the Update Journal page of LJ; I've also recently discovered that my e-mail isn't sending. This is why some people haven't heard from me.

By "my e-mail" I mean of course my Hotmail account. My Gyro e-mail is working fine. My Slingshot e-mail is working fine. My Hotmail account is receiving fine, but not sending. Which means I have to use Slingshot, which is a pain, because (a) I've got my Slingshot e-mail set to redirect all incoming mail to Hotmail and (b) I decided, when I started using my Slingshot account for e-mail, that I wouldn't ever put the address on the Web. Damn shame, I've had some nicely ironic Nigerian scam letters lately that I'd been hoping to scambait (i.e., lead the scammers up the garden path); but I can't use Hotmail to do that and I don't want to use Slingshot.

Not entirely unconnectedly — I may soon finally cave and get a cell-phone. I've never had a philosophical objection to the things, it just always seemed like my life would be more complicated with one than without. Now it's looking like it's going to be more complicated without one. Damnit.

Because Easter came so early this year, I've been flat out on Gyro lately (the second edition for 2008 is already on the web), and that, combined with my communicative isolation, has meant I've been out of touch with people. I've got pelliondance a birthday present, but haven't managed to see him and give it to him, and it's nearly a week now since his birthday.

Speaking of Easter, here's a handy Excel spreadsheet to figure out when it is in any year.

A1 [enter year here]
B1 =k1+n1-7*o1+114-31*int((k1+n1-7*o1+114)/31)+1 [date will display here]
C1 =int((k1+n1-7*o1+114)/31) [month will display here]
D1 =a1-19*int(a1/19)
E1 =int(a1/100)
F1 =a1-100*e1
G1 =int(e1/4)
H1 =e1-4*g1
I1 =int((e1+8)/25)
J1 =int((e1-i1+1)/3)
K1 =19*d1+e1-g1-j1+15-30*int((19*d1+e1-g1-j1+15)/30)
L1 =int(f1/4)
M1 =f1-4*l1
N1 =32+2*h1+2*l1-k1-m1-7*int((32+2*h1+2*l1-k1-m1)/7)
O1 =int((d1+11*k1+22*n1)/451)

A2 =a1+1
B2–O2: fill down B1–O1
and keep on filling down as long as you want...

Seriously, I need to find some way of blogging that won't crash my browser. I still haven't ruled out getting off LJ altogether.
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